What is the CSG?

The “Concierge Service Group” or CSG is a select group of financial professionals and planners within Lincoln Financial Advisors that bridges the "Wall Street" resources of a Fortune 500 financial firm to the "Main Street" needs of everyday clients.

Our purpose with the CSG is to connect and equip financial planners together through centralized support and aggregated resources. Together we form a select group of professional peers focused above all else on best serving the financial needs of their community with greater efficiency, orchestration, and assurance.


Efficiency The CSG advisor benefits from the economies of scale that our group affords its planners such as shared staffing arrangements, aggretate wealth management pricing, and group discounted infrastructure. For some clients “pooled pricing” can mean personalized advice at institutional type prices.

When was the last time that you or your team reviewed all of your financial products to make sure that they were not only competitive in today's markets but that they still can help meet your plans?


Orchestration – Our planners can often increase areas of impact by leveraging the bench strength of a cross-disciplinary group within serving together.  Through a centralized staff support, and a proven process, our group allows each clients the flexibility of working with the financial partner they have built a relationship with, while also having satisfaction mind that if they are out of town, injured, or unable to be reached that their financial picture will continue to be serviced with continuity. This orchestration of moving parts allows each professional to do what they do best and partner for the rest.

When was the last time that you or your team looked for coordination gaps within your investment holdings, insurance protection, tax reduction strategies, and review of your legal documents at the same time collectively?


Assurance - Our clients and planners alike both benefit from the assurance and confidence of a “back-stop contingency plan.”  Many planners and advisors are the same age as their clients yet seldom want to think of their own retirement.  Our group addresses this concern without, ever taking the control of the relationship away from the trusted financial professional and their clients.  Through shared resources and inhouse continuity our planners can work as long as they want, and our clients have the confidence of knowing that should anything happen their accounts will be maintained as they always have been by a team that shares the same service model, process, and values.

If something were to happen to you or your advisor today how confident are you that of the person or process that will be maintaining your financial picture?