Join The Team


Why Consider Joining?

- Do you crave more time working in your business than on it?

- Do you have a unique value proposition that could enhance the impact and revenue for an existing book of business?

- Are you great at closing the deal and just need a way to get in front of additional qualified prospects?


These desires represent a real opportunity to grow your practice. We are here to help:

Successfully balancing this rapidly changing world of high-tech, with the longstanding model of high-touch requires a team and a process.  With the support of our centralized back office and state of the industry technology, we give you what you need to strengthen your legacy- not ours.

Also, through a partnership with  Sustainable Significance every member of our group has complementary access to their unique "Q4" process of coaching and support to help:


Catapult Growth- Growth through acquisition can shave years, even decades, off the trajectory of a normal career path. In just a short amount of time potential new revenue may make this acquisition quicker, and cheaper, than more laborious sales efforts.  If you have an aggressive appetite and a proven process you might be a candidate for an acquisition partnership.   


Open New Markets – Whether you are trying to move closer to relatives, a vacation home, or to be near more of your prospective clients, a new location across town or on another coast can bring a multitude of benefits to a growing practice. If you think that you or your service model might benefit from multi-locations, consider how practice acquisition might expedite your vision.  


Capitalize on Ancillary OpportunitiesOpposites attract in many cases, and established practices often have dormant revenue ready to unlock from new complementary services.  For example, insurance practices may have the opportunity to increase revenue through managed money just like investment practices need personal risk assessments.  If you have a gift for working with clients alongside their existing relationships you might be an excellent candidate for partnership acquisition which benefits you, the legacy partner, and the clients.


Working with our group has had tremendous impact for many professionals. But we are selective and each situation is custom to the practice and unique to the practitioner. Only after a mutual due diligence process illustrating great fit for all parties, including the clients, will we develop a plan and manage the process of getting from where we are - to where we all want to be.


Contact us to learn more or to schedule a preliminary assessment of your opportunity